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32" diameter, 1.41 ATA (6 psi) chamber with the latest design features

36" diameter, 1.41 ATA (6 psi) chamber with upgraded features

Our High-power Oxygen Concentrators produce +/- 95% 0xygen @ 10 LPM & 20 psi

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at my clinic

Do you want to recover quickly from illness, injury or surgery, reduce aging, ease chronic disorders, increase mental acuity, boost sports performance or just upgrade your health?  Then HBOT is for you!  It's a safe, effective method of vastly increasing oxygen delivery to your fluids, cells, tissues & organs. You need OXYGEN more than anything!

Our spacious chambers are cool and comfortable.  Each session is approximately 1 hour.  Take a break from your electronics - just close your eyes, relax and breathe.  

Sessions are $117 each or $1,350 for a 15-pack.

Some insurance companies cover it

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However . . .



Purchasing a Hyperbaric Chamber and Oxygen Concentrator may be the best option for you and your family:






One of our deluxe Hyperbaric Chambers and a 10 Liter-Per-Minute/20psi Oxygen Concentrator will provide a wonderful service for you and your family for decades.

And they are economically priced:


$9,900 + shipping*  for 32" diameter, 1.41 ATA Chamber, Compressor, Frame and Mattress

$10,800 + shipping* for 36" diameter, 1.41 ATA Chamber, Compressor, Frame and Mattress

$1,200 + shipping*  for High-Purity, High-Powered Oxygen Concentrator (+/- 95% purity at 10 lpm & 20 psi) - made in the USA with easily replaceable parts.

* International Shipping:  Shipping costs to destinations outside the US are via DHL International and vary accordingly.  Customers are responsible for shipping to and (in the event of customs refusal) from your destination; as well as all import tariffs. 




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Chamber: Length - 89 Inches. Diameter - 32 or 36 Inches. Pressure - 1.3 ATA (4.4 psi) or 1.41 ATA (6 psi). Weight 28.66 lb (13Kg). Features: ★ High-Strength, Double-Sided, 44 oz Medical Grade, Urethane Coated TPU with Dacron ★ Non-Toxic/Eco-Friendly ★ Internal, Heat-Coated, Portable/Foldable Metal Frame ★ Fully Lined, Double-layer Foam Mattress ★ SAFE & EASY ONE-PERSON OPERATION ★ 1 Large Top Window and 6 Small 'Portal' Windows (1.3 ATA) or 1 Large Top Window only (1.4 ATA)  allow ambient lighting and patient monitoring for clinical applications.  Windows are 'criss-cross' reinforced to last far longer than any others on the market.

Compressor (fills the chamber with room air): Oil-Free Air Compressor Size: L*W*H: 15.3" x 9.4"x 10.2".   Weight 39.6 lb (18Kg). Features: ★ Oil Free, No Smell ★ Non-Toxic/Eco-Friendly ★ Quiet ★ Super Absorption-Activated, Double Inlet AND Outlet Filters ★ 400 Watts

Oxygen Concentrator (provides +/- 95% pure oxygen to the mask in the chamber): Size: L*W*H: 15" x 16" x 25".       Weight 50 lb. Oxygen Purity +/- 95%. Pressure 20 psi. Flow 10 LPM. Features: ★ High-Technology Molecular Sieve-bed ★ Non-Toxic/Eco-Friendly & Bacteria Filtered ★ Continuous Flow, PSA style Oxygen Production - NO OXYGEN TANKS REQUIRED ★ 500 Watts

[We recommend 2 Concentrators for maximum oxygen delivery against chamber pressure - especially when parent and child are in the chamber together, dividing the oxygen flow to two masks.]

Optional Air Cooler: Features: ★ Can effectively reduce air temp by 42.8º F (6º C). ★ 300 Watts, 110 V.

Warranty: 1 Year - extendable to 3 Years.

👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️For Doctors and Clinicians - Scroll down ▼ to ★★★ below for more details - or call/text 408-314-0758.  Email:  drtantone@gmail.com

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This large, comfortable Chamber is among THE BEST portable hyperbaric chambers available today! It is comfortable, spacious and high-tech to ensure a safe and pleasing experience. It delivers a research-supported, internal pressure of 1.3 ATA (4.4 psi) or 1.41 ATA (6 psi).   We also offer an upgraded 20psi/10 LPM oxygen concentrator producing +/- 95% pure oxygen; and when paired wth a second, in-line concentrator the most effective high-flow, high-purity delivery of oxygen against the pressure of the chamber is achieved.  For those who need a super high flow and high purity system, this dual-concentrator set-up is doctor recommended.  (If your room has no AC, we also offer an in-line air cooler, at an additional cost, to make your sessions more comfortable.)  This system is SAFE and EFFICIENT and is equipped with an internal, emergency pressure-relief button as well as psi pressure gauges both inside and outside and an internal noise-supressor. We can include a 'walkie-talkie' communication system and finger oximeter to measure oxygen blood saturation in your body, if you wish.   You'll feel the HUGE difference HBOT can make in the delivery of usable oxygen to your cells.

The design includes "flow-through" pressure regulators, activated once the chamber is fully inflated, minimizing any oxygen or carbon dioxide buildup that could occur. 

The Pressure Relief Valves are set at the industry standard for this type of chamber (FDA approved, Type II Medical Device) - 1.3 ATA (4.41 psi) or 1.4 ATA (6 psi).  And, with large internal and external pressure gauges, one can safely see the current operating pressure both from the inside and the outside of the chamber.  Our chambers are made of a combination of 44 oz medical grade, Thermo-plastic Poly Urethane (TPU) material embedded with Dacron - a combination pioneered by NASA for use in space suits.  They are designed to last for decades with durable, dielectric-welded and double-sewn seams and a heavy duty, 2-sided, double (or triple) zipper entry/exit.  These Hyperbaric Chambers are THE state-of-the-art systems.  [All of our chambers have multiple international certifications as listed here:  CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485]

In fact, these systems have been tested for 5 years, running continuously for over 43,000 hours with no faults. You could treat your family of 5 for 1 hour each, 5 days per week for 33 years. Or if placed in your clinic, you could treat 5 patients per day, 5 days per week for 33 years.

Now, more than everone must be careful when choosing a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy system! Sure, there are cheaper chambers - but what short-cuts were used to get the price down?  As you consider one of our systems for your personal health or for your clinic, you'll be happy to learn that you'll be making one of THE BEST healthy-choice investments you've ever made.  There are thousands of people, all over the world, utilizing HBOT to improve their own health or the health of their patients.  The research has now caught up.  This is real

These systems have a one year factory warranty - on the chamber, the compressor and the oxygen concentrator - extendable to 3 years.  🦋 AndI personally provide technical support, consultation and advice - 24/7 - for as long as you own your system.🦋


          👩🏻‍⚕️  Doctors & Clinicians: 👨🏼‍⚕️  

Here are The Numbers:  (A "session" is 60 minutes*)

√  Your total investment for the Chamber assembly and 2 oxygen concentrators is $12,300, + shipping.  [Add $900 if Dr. Antone assembles and installs your system.]

√  Typical charge is $120 per session; or a "block" of 15 sessions for $1,350 (= $90 per session).   With only 15 of these $90-per-session patients per month (= $1,350 per month) - your total investment of $12,300 is paid off in 10 months - with $1,200 extra!

√  Average booking in the U.S. is 3 to 7 patients per day. 

√  At 3 patients per day, 4 days per week (12 per week) = $1,080 per week x 4 weeks = $4,320 per month.  You reach total payoff - plus $660 - in 3 just months!

 √  This is all going on WHILE YOU TREAT OTHER PATIENTS with Chiropractic Health Care, Dermatology, Cosmetic Procedures, Acupuncture, Massage, etc.

√  It takes only a few minutes to place a sheet, attach a mask to the line and zip someone into the chamber -   Quick and easy for you or a member of your staff.

√  I am available to personally set up your system and train you and your staff to maximize safety, efficiency and income potential.

*Research indicates an O2 saturation of 98.7% at 40 minutes for most people. https://www.oatext.com/assessment-of-oxygen-saturation-levels-during-a-mild-hyperbaric-chamber-treatment.php#gsc.tab=0

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      Occasionally, we have used chambers.  Here's one availabe now: 

      Pre-owned 1.3 ATA, OxyHealth Vitaeris 320.  Re-Certified. Low hours. Body, Windows, Frame and Mattress all in excellent condition;  NO previous COVID use or exposure; 1 year limited warranty.

∞ $7,200 + shipping ∞



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32" or 36" diameter Soft Chamber

 (1.41 ATA, 6 psi, 40.53 kPa)


Hard Chamber

(1.5 ATA, 7.35 psi, 50.66 kPa)

[note: 1 ATA at sea level = 14.69 psi (101.32 kPa)] 

💥These pressures are more effective for treating a variety of acute and chronic, intractible symptoms.

Note:  High-pressure chambers require TWO Oxygen Concentrators, linked in parallel, to effectively push against the higher pressures.








Human aging process biologically reversed by HBOT

by Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph.  Wed, November 18, 2020, 7:39 AM PST

      The aging process has been biologically reversed for the first time by giving humans oxygen therapy in a pressurized chamber (HBOT).

Scientists in Israel showed they could turn back the clock in two key areas of the body believed to be responsible for the frailty and ill-health that comes with growing older.

As people age, the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes – called telomeres – shorten, causing DNA to become damaged and cells to stop replicating. At the same time, "zombie" senescent cells build up in the body, preventing regeneration. Increasing telomere length and getting rid of senescent cells is the focus of many anti-aging studies, and drugs are being developed to target those areas.

Now scientists at Tel Aviv University have shown that giving high purity oxygen to older people while in a hyperbaric chamber increased the length of their telomeres by 20 per cent, a feat that has never been achieved before. 

Scientists said the growth may mean that the telomeres of trial participants were now as long as they had been 25 years earlier! 

The therapy also reduced senescent cells (cells that have aged and approaching self-destruction known as apoptosis) by up to 37 per cent, making way for new healthy cells to regrow. Animal studies have shown that removing senescent cells extends remaining life by more than one-third.

"Since telomere shortening is considered the 'Holy Grail' of the biology of aging, many pharmacological and environmental interventions are being extensively explored in the hopes of enabling telomere elongation," said Professor Shai Efrati of the Faculty of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University.

"The significant improvement of telomere length shown during and after these unique protocols provides the scientific community with a new foundation of understanding that aging can indeed be targeted and reversed at the basic cellular-biological level."

Many scientists now believe aging itself is responsible for major conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. 

It is also known that obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity, vitamin deficiency and inflammation can speed up the shortening of telomeres, demonstrating that they have a major impact on longevity.

The trial included 35 healthy, independent adults aged 64 and older who did not undergo any lifestyle, diet or medication adjustments. Each patient was placed in a hyperbaric chamber for 90 minutes for five days a week over three months while breathing 100 per cent oxygen through a mask.  The pressurized chamber allows more oxygen to be dissolved into the tissues and (reverses) a state of "hypoxia", or oxygen shortage, which (increased oxygenation) is known to have regenerating effects. 

Previous trials have shown that eating a healthy diet can preserve telomere length, while high-intensity training for six months has been proven to lengthen telomeres by up to five per cent. 

The Israeli team has also previously demonstrated that the pressurized oxygen therapy can improve cognitive decline.  "Until now, interventions such as lifestyle modifications and intense exercise were shown to have some inhibition effect on the expected telomere length shortening," said Dr Amir Hadanny, chief medical research officer of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research.  "However, what is remarkable to note in our study is that, in just three months of therapy, we were able to achieve such significant telomere elongation – at rates far beyond any of the current available interventions or lifestyle modifications. "With this pioneering study, we have opened a door for further research on the prolonged cellular impact of the (HBOT) therapy to reverse the aging process. After dedicating our research to exploring its impact on the areas of brain functionality and age-related cognitive decline, we have now uncovered, for the first time in humans, biological effects at the cellular level in healthy aging adults."  The research was published in the journal Aging.


⫸Often called post-acute COVID-19 syndrome, some patients experience ongoing symptoms preventing them from feeling normal, even after recovering from the initial illness. The CDC reports up to 35 percent of those infected endure symptoms lasting beyond three weeks or longer. These COVID "long-haulers" fear they may never get better. Their symptoms include shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, body aches, joint pain, difficulty sleeping, headaches, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues, and dizziness. These symptoms are eerily similar to Chronic Lyme Disease, a condition that affects thousands of people every year.  In fact, many of these people may be suffering from a tick-borne disease that was kicked into 'high gear' by the COVID virus.  Either way, HBOT can help.

💥If you have recovered from COVID and now test Negative, call now for a series of sessions at my Los Gatos, California clinic.  408-314-0758.  OR, invest in your health with the purchase of a Hyperbaric chamber.          Scroll down for further information⬇️

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Traumatic Brain Injury and Hyperbaric Oxygen  

by Michelle Faber with Dr. Timothy Jennings Edited by Dr. Thomas Antone, January 2021

In 2015, the Will Smith film Concussion, which depicts Dr. Bennet Omalu’s struggle to uncover the truth about brain damage to football players, brought international attention to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and its long-term complications. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there were 2.5 million TBIrelated emergency room visits in 2014 — 812,000 children were treated for TBIrelated head injuries & 275,000 deaths (EDHD). As this trend continues, these numbers are even higher now - by approximately 50,000 ER visits. See CDC chart (ref #10).

While the brain sits inside the hard, bony case of the skull, it is soft, more so than an over-ripe banana. This makes it vulnerable to rapid acceleration and deceleration injuries, aka concussions, which occur when the brain impacts the skull with a force sufficient to cause bruising. At each point of injury, local swelling, bleeding, and even neuronal arrest and/or death can occur. Over the following hours and days, inflammation develops around the bruised area, just like injuries do elsewhere in the body. Since the skull is inflexible, the swelling pushes inward on the brain, reducing blood flow and extending the damage further. This happens across the brain, adjacent to the injury and causes impairments over a much larger area; moreover, neurons in this expanded area may be damaged and unable to carry out their functions. They may not die, but they will exist in an inactive or stunned state, basically not functioning for an indefinite period of time - waiting to be ‘awakened’, often in vain.

The immediate injury may cause loss of consciousness, or the injured parties may just feel stunned and briefly lose track of what is happening around them. They also may have an initial headache and some confusion, which in ‘very mild’ TBI can improve over the next several hours or days.

Long-term Consequences of TBI     

Let’s now look at how symptoms often develop after a more severe TBI: As more inflammation develops, more serious symptoms can increase, peaking over the next one to two weeks. These include headache; a confusion often described as “brain fog”; nausea; irritability, emotional lability & being easily overwhelmed; sensitivity to light and sound; impaired concentration, memory, and problem-solving; difficulty multitasking; struggles with visual stimulation and eye-tracking, such as processing information from computer or TV screens; and severe fatigue - all also indicative of a PTSD. Symptoms typically plateau then may slowly improve over several months. Unfortunately, this gradual improvement isn’t always the case. Many symptoms are ongoing. When MRI brain scans reveal no gross destruction of brain matter, this type of injury is often referred to as “mild” TBI. However, functional scans (fMRI, PET, SPECT) will demonstrate gross impairment of blood flow and metabolism in the affected areas. These impairments - including abnormal neuronal activity - may persist for years, resulting in chronic impairments to brain function with the continuation of associated symptoms - described above.

These persistent symptoms can lead to further life problems, such as loss of one’s job and resulting financial problems, relationship troubles, loss of self-esteem and/or confidence, mood dysregulation, and other, rather disturbing mental health problems. Common causes of TBI include anything that produces a blow to the head, such as: falls (most head injuries are due to falls); being struck by or against an object; and motor-vehicle accidents. Other common causes include cycling accidents, sports injuries, combat injuries (explosions) and surfing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Recently, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is demonstrating that it provides considerable improvement in people suffering from TBI, even several years after the injuries occurred. HBOT is the intake of oxygen (O2) at higher-than-atmospheric concentrations and pressures for the treatment of injury or disease. HBOT was first used in the 1930s to treat decompression sickness in divers (commonly known as “the bends”). Many divers then reported the resolution of chronic health issue they had. The American FDA currently approves 13 uses, including: Gas gangrene, air embolism, osteomyelitis, radiation necrosis, diabetic ulcers, and the aforementioned decompression sickness. These are by no means all there is to this therapy. Current scientific evidence suggests that HBOT can permanently and dramatically improve symptoms of chronic TBI, even if treatment is received years after the initial head injury. Understanding the physiologic effects of HBOT gives insight as to why its therapeutic benefits are so effective.

While breathing room air (21% O2 & 78% N2) at sea level (1 atmosphere or 1 ATA = 14.696 psi), about 97 percent of the total inhaled oxygen (with a negative charge) is transferred to the blood by the lungs, bound to hemoglobin (with a positive charge) while only 3 percent dissolves into the blood serum (plasma - neutral charge). By the time this oxygen diffuses through the tissues, into the cells, and reaches the mitochondria (energy producing organelles inside the cells), only trace amounts are available. HBOT’s main function is to temporarily super-saturate body tissues with an oxygen solution. HBOT delivering +/- 95% O2 at 1.3 ATA (4.4 psi) increases dissolved oxygen in the serum by seven-fold. (HBOT delivering 95% O2 at 1.4 ATA (5.87 psi) increases dissolved oxygen in the serum by more than a factor of 9.) Body tissues outside the circulatory system will thereby experience a commensurate total increase in oxygen concentration and distribution by infusion.

Warning: If a hyper-oxygenated state is maintained for long periods or repeated frequently with 100% oxygen, it can cause significant oxidative damage to the body tissues, undermining any health benefits. The culprit in this damage is something called ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). Excess ROS can lead to cellular injury in the form of damaged DNA, lipids and proteins. Thus, long periods of HBOT are harmful. However, short, 1-hour ‘pulses’ of HBOT trigger a variety of healing processes without overwhelming the body’s antioxidant systems.

Current known health-inducing responses from HBOT:

Stimulation of powerful anti-inflammatory processes, reduction of edema, increased blood perfusion, new blood vessel (capillary) growth, improved immune response, enhancement of the body’s antioxidant system, improved bone-marrow-stemcell activity, improved growth and repair of neuronal axons, and modulation of thousands of genes involved in cellular growth and repair.

Just as with any medicinal dosing, while the right dose can heal, too much medicine can harm. With TBI, too large of a dose of HBOT can worsen the condition. Dose is determined by pressure, time and oxygen purity. High-pressure HBOT of 2.0 ATA (29 psi) with 100% pure O2 is very effective for infections but can worsen TBI.  After several decades of research, it has been determined that TBI is best treated with lower pressures, +/- 95% O2 and session time-limits within 1 hour each.

The recommended HBOT protocol for TBI is currently one or more blocks of 40, 1-hour sessions at pressures between at 1.3 ATA (4.4 psi) and 1.5 ATA (7.3 psi). There are numerous case reports of individuals who have suffered through post-TBI symptoms for decades, and who, prior to HBOT, had SPECT scans showing decreased perfusion in multiple brain regions. SPECT scans after HBOT showed normal perfusion and a marked improvement in function. These patients also report significant improvements in concentration, emotional stability, ability to multitask and increases in short and long-term memory.  HBOT is not FDA-approved for TBI treatment. This is due to the fact that it has not yet been possible to develop a ‘sham’ treatment for it and, thus, no double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have been done to demonstrate its effectiveness over a placebo. Because HBOT is not FDA approved for TBI, many insurance companies will not pay for it.  However, as of 2020, Blue Cross & Blue Shield have been known to pay, in some circumstances, such as Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  Ask your doctor to verify coverage for your diagnosis.

It is our opinion that if you or someone you love has suffered a TBI - recently or in the past - and struggles with functional impairments, including PTSD, we recommend you speak with your healthcare provider about a trial of HBOT and begin treatments immediately.

* * * * * * * * *

References: 1- Goderez, B., Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Psychiatric Times, Vol. 36, Iss. 5, May, 28, 2019. https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/treatmenttraumatic- brain-injury-hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy.   2 - Harch PG, Andrews SR, Fogarty EF, et.al. A phase I study of low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy for blast-induced post-concussion syndrome and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. J Neurotrauma. 2012;29:168-185.  3 - Efrati S, Ben-Jacob E. How and why hyperbaric oxygen therapy can bring new hope for children suffering from cerebral palsy: an editorial perspective. Undersea Hyperbaric Med. 2014;41:71-74.  4 - Harch, P. Hyperbaric oxygen in chronic traumatic brain injury: oxygen, pressure, and gene therapy. Med Gas Res. 2015;5:9.   5 - Harch P, Mccullough V. The Oxygen Revolution. Hobart, NY: Hatherleigh Press; 2010.   6 - Mukherjee A, Raison M, Sahni T, et.al. Intensive rehabilitation combined with HBO2 therapy in children with cerebral palsy: a controlled longitudinal study. Undersea Hyperbaric Med. 2014;41:77-85.   7 - Harch PG, Fogarty EF. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Alzheimer’s dementia with positron emission tomography imaging: a case report. Med Gas Res. 2018:8:181-184.  8 -Jain KK. Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine. New York, NY: Springer International Publishing AG; 2017: 345-348.  9 - Newsome/Melton: Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics, https://www.brainandspinalcord.org/braininjury- statistics/  10- CDC - TBI-related Emergency Department Visits, Hospitalizations, and Deaths (EDHDs) https:// www.cdc.gov/traumaticbraininjury/data/tbi-edhd.html

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